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live love laugh!

Tuesday night, Shamone bar, beloved friends, super huge mai-tais, live music, dance floor moments, swag attitude, crazy iPhone snapshots, lots of fun and life goes on…

♬ tonight / Playmen & Claydee ft. Tamta

getting ready and dancing to Scissor Sisters

sneakers… what else  for a long night!

…ready and late and yes I’ m already drinking!

Lefki frames the moment

one, two, three, four, five, six mai-tais… and I stopped counting

hey girls, where all the boys gone?

Givenchy rottweilers among us

Tamta out of the green

live a message!


to drive or not to drive?

I was wearing:

cream tux jacket: Lanvin X H&M / T-shirt: dirtee Hollywood /

 distressed jeans: Ring / leopard sneakers with studs: Gienchi

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