Month: February 2013

Fresh vintage bloom

It’s not always about brand-new garments to create a fresh look. Sometimes, all you need is to reinvent your wardrobe by mixing old clothes with new ones in order to compose a unique style! Therefore, it was high time that my knitted Hugo Boss scarf, bought several years ago from a trip to Berlin, and my vintage Roberto Cavalli sweater made a dynamic comeback. Indeed, they matched my sheepskin overcoat perfectly and guaranteed a bucolic grunge outfit! ♬ in bloom / Nirvana

On the way…

Who doesn’t love long weekends, especially when the sun invites you to take a road trip? I myself enjoy mini rural expeditions and, for that reason, on Friday I packed my stuff and headed to Nafpaktia. Surprisingly, the weather had different plans and the clouds washed away the early spring kisses. Still, my adventurous mood was already set to go and no rain could stop me. Wearing my vintage Armani trousers, purchased from Elevensouls a few weeks ago, and my leather jacket for a free-attitude style, I was more than ready to hit the road. ♬ let’s go all the way / Citizens

Undercover spring

Lately, these few incredible sunny days along with the bright blue sky have rendered a well-camouflaged spring weather which inspired this “can’t wait for spring”outfit! So, get some camo, floral and pastel colors all mixed in the blender for an early spring vibe! ♬ sun goes down / Icona Pop ft. The Knocks