Month: November 2012

Pop goes the world

…For once, we’ll do what come naturally. We’ll approach it casually. With no apology. For once we can have the final say… goodbye to yesterday, ’cause  they know we ‘re hear to say… Pop pop pop goes the world, NEW SENSATION!!! ♬ Pop goes the world / Gossip

Reversed and obsessed

Two of my biggest obsessions lately are Margiela X H&M (yes pretty obvious!) and sweatpants ( I almost buy one every week), so why not combine them in one! My irresistible reversed Maison Martin Margiela X H&M coat, my angry Rottweiler Givenchy Tee, green sweatpants, studded All Star and mirror Oakley for the perfect sporty pop look. Comfy, fun and… ready to pick my friend Dimitris up from the airport! ♬ kuedon (obsession) / Bang la Decks

Jimi at Maison H&M

“TO FUR OR NOT TO FUR” that is the question! Yes my friends I had my doubts about getting this Maison Martin Margiela X H&M fur, but after a few sparkling wines at the launch party the answer just popped into my head… TO FUR! ♬ cross town traffic / Jimi Hendrix