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Same old love

Healthy again! Well, almost as good as new, despite the runny nose, but in a really great mood. Last week was full of night-outs, spicy cocktails, new Peruvian flavors, pancakes, the X-Files premiere event and finally working-out sessions with my trainer. Everything is back to my kind of normal!
A few days ago while I was waiting for my friend Tina who was running late for our Friday drinks, a mini shopping therapy came up. This Saint-Laurent-like suede fringe jacket is just perfect for those days and nights that need a small flashy boost, don’t you think?

♬ ♪ everyday is like Sunday /  Morrissey 



suede fringe jacket by Zara / vintage red sweater by Prada / jeans by April 77 / chelsea boots by Hugo Boss / snake print silk scarf by Stussy

Photos by Xenia

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  1. Melissa says

    Hi Constantinos!

    Great site, I found your blog via Suzanne Carillo’s (also a fun blog)
    Love the whole outfit. I hope your are getting better, always happens when temperatures get a bit crazy.
    I’ve been bipping around some of your old posts; outfits, travel, and I must say the photos are great. I especially love the ones of Santorini, I go this May for the first time, everyone is saying 2 weeks there is too much it is a small island, but heck I am not going only to see culture and eat and drink, I want to relax also… I feel any time spent in Greece is not long enough:)
    Your photos remind me of why I fell in love with the islands, dream about it daily and plan vacations during my lunch time. Heck I love it so much I just booked Corfu in September:) That will be my second trip there, but basically I want to do at least an island per year, oh and of course Athens that is on the list!
    Your photos and blog are lots of fun and inspiring, I will be back to enjoy more.

    (any travel tips are welcome)


    • thank you so much for the amazing words! You’re going to looooooove Santorini! I’ll send you some travel tips via email! Big kiss!

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