Month: May 2013

Moon supervision

Finding the right location for shooting an outfit isn’t as easy as you may think, ‘cause even though a plain floral background could do the trick, trouble might be waiting just around the corner! Indeed, on the day I was shooting my latest digital-print sweatshirt addiction, two arrogant, clueless I dare say, security guards had the nerve to demand that I stopped the shooting! Surely, taking photos on the sidewalk is not a crime and definitely not against the law. As you have already guessed, stopping me was out of the question, although I may have given some meaning to their monotonous professional life along the way. So, here I am with my moon shades look… and everyone lived happily ever after! PS. My dear security guards, Get a life and check out my blog! xxx ♬ ♪ moonshine / Bruno Mars

Poolside excuse

Summer may not have officially arrived, but the high temperatures in Athens have called for some poolside relaxation the past few weeks. So, chilling out by the pool and reading the Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald is my latest favorite time of leisure… and the livin’ is easy! ♬ ♪ freedom / Anthony Hamilton & Elayna Boynton

Industrial renovation

Nafplion is a stunning small coastal city in eastern Peloponnese and one of my favorite weekend destinations. With only a two-hour ride from Athens, a gorgeous old town with a breathtaking view is there to refresh your stressed city life. Since last October, there has been one more reason why Nafplion makes a unique getaway and that is “Fougaro” (which means “Smokestack”). Fougaro, an old tomato cannery factory, has turned into a large interactive art and creativity venue, including an art & humanities library, exhibition and concert hall, art workshop and a cozy café-bar; definitely, an intellectual experience that you should not miss! ♬ ♪ move in the right direction / Gossip

Neon valley street

Neon comes from the Greek word “νέο” which stands for “new”; so, given my Greek origin, it was highly unlikely that this green lightweight U.S. POLO jacket would fail to give a fresh spin to my casual wardrobe. And for some extra surge of energy, my matching Nike sneakers, a relaxed denim shirt and a pair of ciel pin-striped trousers complete the right style. ♬ ♪ neon valley street / Janelle Monáe