Month: September 2012

You are the habit I can’t seem to kick!

I’m not talking about shopping of course, it’s instagram! Yes it’s a bad habit and this last week I had an overdose! Parties, birthdays, new issue, fashion’s night out and friends friends friends… so get ready to enjoy an “instagasm”! ♬ like a friend / Pulp

live love laugh!

Tuesday night, Shamone bar, beloved friends, super huge mai-tais, live music, dance floor moments, swag attitude, crazy iPhone snapshots, lots of fun and life goes on… ♬ tonight / Playmen & Claydee ft. Tamta getting ready and dancing to Scissor Sisters

The Hero

Fashion is something like war. Trends are fighting… Clothes, shoes, accessories try to get into your closet… Goodies are flirting with your desire leaving many, many fashion victims behind. If you want to survive you must be careful. Styling is a dangerous game. Overdose might kill you… If not, you are a hero! *the photo shoot took place at Phaleron war cemetery ♬ time for heroes / The libertines

It’s different for GIRLS…

Yes GIRLS show is my new HBO addiction! I saw the 10 episodes in just one weekend and I can’t wait for season 2 to star! The girls are so different! They are funny. They are selfish. They drink. they take drugs. They screw up! They do so many horrible things and you are going to love them for that! Created and starring by Lena Dunham, The GIRLS are here to stay! Don’t miss them!!! ➤ watch The GIRLS trailer here!