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Up in the Air

My already awaken sporty mood couldn’t be reinvented any better thanks to my new Nike “Air Max 90 Premium” sneakers. A super amazing, home-delivered if you must know, present from Nike Hellas was what I needed to upgrade my sportswear wardrobe! The Nike Air Max that we all loved in the early 90s are back with a newer and better touch, but without losing their iconic look! And for a totally uplifted outfit, my Les Plus Dorés “Team Ghesquière” Tee was the ultimate choice for an extra hip hint!

♬ up in the air / 30 Seconds to Mars 











Photos By Mr.D



T-shirt Team Ghesquière by Les Plus Dorés / gray long sleeve sweater by Zara / orange long sleeve Tee by Benetton / plaid shirt by Pepe Jeans London / jacket Gamme Bleu by Moncler / jeans by Zara / sneakers Nike Air Max 90 Premium / sunnies Oakley VR/46 frogskins


But the story doesn’t end here… Naturally, an event for all sneakers lovers was hosted by the boutique Ministry of Concrete to celebrate the Air Max comeback and, as it was expected, it turned into a party at Tora K44 bar. Needless to say, I was there! You needn’t guess what I was wearing… It was an Air blast!



check out the Air Max Celebration video!

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  1. I love the first picture, Ghesquiere!

    I admit that I do not like sneakers sporting nothing but nothing. But I’ve loved your sneakers, what a color inkjet. And of course, the white seems so elegant for winter …

    Francisco Carmona.


  2. The sneaks are beyond awesome.. I need a lady’s pair! Love your sporty look.
    The pictures really, really rock.
    xo Natasha

  3. Absolutely love this sporty 90’s look right down to the waisted’ plaid shirt.
    Oh and your sneakers are Awesome!! 🙂

  4. What a super cool look to celebrate 30 Seconds to Mars’ return : the fabulous Jared Leto is going to be jealous of your amazing outfit !!!

  5. Thanks so much for taking the time to find me! Always nice to find a man who appreciates style. Love the blog!


  6. Anny says

    Ωραιοτατο βιντεακι.Οσο για τα παπουτσια τα θελω!

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