Month: July 2012

summer stories#videofymyfashion

Hey guys this is my clip for VIDEOOFYMYFASHION contest! It’s my summer fashion mood video made with the videofyme application and yes it’s an addiction. So vote me, like me, pink me, share me!!! Click the heart on the upper right corner, vote and make my white heart pink! Summer is fun after all… xxx K.

School’s out…

“Well we got no choice, all the girls and boys, making all that noise, cause they found new toys…” Yes my friends it’s that time of the year, summer holidays are here!!! Play like a child, swim like a dolphin, feel free like a breeze and stay tuned for wet, fresh, new style ‘n’ tonic adventures… ♬ school’s out / Glee 

Made in Greece

Finally guys July is about to end and it’s time to get ready for my summer vacations in Greek islands! Packing isn’t my favorite think I admit it but as Antoine de Saint-Exupery said “he who would travel happily must travel light”. So here are my made in Greece summer essentials that will make my luggage less heavy but not less stylish… my all time classic grecian sandals that I could wear all day long, my new T.E. Pareo inspired from Greek island’s unique light, landscapes and colors perfect for the beach or as a stylish foulard on a breezy night and last but not least my Korres sunscreen with organic yoghurt for my skin protection! ♬ summertime / Billie Holiday 

Indian vibes

I have remained committed in the last few days to this Indian ikat print shirt that I bought on sales from Teamed with my pastel Zara jeans and my all time classic Lanvin sandals makes a carefree summer look with a globetrotting feel! ♬ indian vibes / Mathar