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Honest Tattoo

Tattoos are like best friends… together forever! Yes guys, I’m just so thrilled that I got inked last weekend! I had been thinking about it for years and finally decided to take the plunge. This post is dedicated to lifelong commitments, honesty, fruity cocktails and dreamers… ♬ ♪ the same tattoos / Fences

Stylentonic at the Mixology lab

Making your own cocktail at T.G.I. Friday’s is a hell of an experience! That’s right, guys… this new Mixology lab project that I was invited to last week is definitely something you should put in your list of things-you-need-to-try-out. With the help of a bartender and a selection of six delicious Havana Club cocktails, you’re ready to shake it and become the star of the bar! Don’t miss out on the fun!!! PS. Try the Havana Cuban Chili Jam cocktail. Spicy and delightful… my favorite Mixology lab: Make your own cocktail in all TGI Friday’s every Tuesday and Thursday between 21:00-24:00 ♬♪ cheers (drink to that) / Rihanna

Please do not disturb my summer mood!

With summer just around the corner, I felt so excited that I got invited to the amazing Poseidonion Grand Hotel on the island of Spetses to summerize up a bit this hot spring weekend! I wish I could take the island’s vibe and the aura of the hotel back home; instead, I had to settle for some snapshots to remind me of the overwhelming light breeze of Spetses. Honestly, there is nothing like the greek summer… and, oh yes, I love cocktails by the pool!!! ♬ Heaven / Nouvelle Vague