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Reversed and obsessed

Two of my biggest obsessions lately are Margiela X H&M (yes pretty obvious!) and sweatpants ( I almost buy one every week), so why not combine them in one! My irresistible reversed Maison Martin Margiela X H&M coat, my angry Rottweiler Givenchy Tee, green sweatpants, studded All Star and mirror Oakley for the perfect sporty pop look. Comfy, fun and… ready to pick my friend Dimitris up from the airport!

♬ kuedon (obsession) / Bang la Decks

I am wearing

Reversed coat & shopping bag: Maison Martin Margiela X H&M / Rottweiler T-shirt: Givenchy /

green sweatpants: Samuray&Soul / painted and studded sneakers: Converse /

sunglasses: Oakley VR/46 frogskins (special edition, Valentino Rossi)

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  1. elenimgl says

    you look fabulous as always! i am in love with that coat!
    p.s: amazing all-stars! xxx

  2. YazerFashionBlog says

    Thank you sooo much for following and I LOVEEEEE your look ;). hehe. xoxo

  3. It seems that the “animal trend” has conquered you…exactly as it has happened with me. The Tiger from the jungle or the dog even if it a bit angry?!? Hard choice, beat both!’night :*

  4. Wow, this is such a cool look – incredible! I saw the coat just yesterday in the men’s section – I thought I want to have this – the price tag blew me a little I must say (H&M x MMM is pretty pricey!) – not that I’m not guilty of splurging on designers, though ;p A blogger friend of mine is crazy about this Givenchy shirt, he told me 10 times about it, so it’s pretty cool to finally see it – I will forward him this post – thanks for sharing!

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