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My tropical blend

Ingredients 1 multi-colored tropical-print shirt 1 pair of Khaki green trousers 1 pair of Grecian sandals Directions Blend all ingredients with a generous pinch of summer attitude. Top with handmade jewelry. Serve with a refreshing smile! ♬ ♪ club tropicana / Wham


Monoï oil balm mixed with salty skin, espadrilles filled with sand, beachy hair styling and a totally loose feeling! Oh yes, that’s my ultimate after-beach state/mood, quite refreshing and ultra regenerating! And when a new TOOSHIE swim trunks from my latest Colette purchase is involved, things get even better, don’t you think? ♬♪ underwater / Mika

Appetite for Destruction

While I was driving to the beach last weekend, an old Guns N’ Roses song playing on the radio was enough to grow my appetite for a Rockin’ in L.A. outfit! Although my limited-edition American-flag All Star sneakers and my vintage tank top were the easy part of the recipe, the Californian sky was out of my reach. But who truly cares? Athens with its blazing sun is without a question my paradise city! ♪ ♬ paradise city / Guns n’ Roses

Surfing Delight

Not exactly the right person to talk about surfing, that’s for sure! Although I was into water-skiing when I was in high school, since then my only beach activities are limited to swimming and drinking fruit-punch under the sun! But this sartorial ex-lover of mine from the DELIGHT SS11 collection, that will always have a special place in my heart, had an unexpected way to put some extra stylish credits to my not-so-improved water sports skills! ♬♪ let’s go surfing / The Drums 

Moon supervision

Finding the right location for shooting an outfit isn’t as easy as you may think, ‘cause even though a plain floral background could do the trick, trouble might be waiting just around the corner! Indeed, on the day I was shooting my latest digital-print sweatshirt addiction, two arrogant, clueless I dare say, security guards had the nerve to demand that I stopped the shooting! Surely, taking photos on the sidewalk is not a crime and definitely not against the law. As you have already guessed, stopping me was out of the question, although I may have given some meaning to their monotonous professional life along the way. So, here I am with my moon shades look… and everyone lived happily ever after! PS. My dear security guards, Get a life and check out my blog! xxx ♬ ♪ moonshine / Bruno Mars