Month: January 2013

Two can have a party

Being in an indecisive mood or just so many choices in my closet? Well, it’s like those days when you go to the supermarket, stand in front of all those cereals stocked on top of one another and find it hard to choose your favorite one for breakfast. As a result, you leave the store with three packages of cereal! So here I am with my indecisive outfit of two jackets! It’s my long plaid vintage coat for a sophisticated ’70s  touch competing against my Jil Sander jacket for a more minimal and mix & match attitude! I think that both work so differently, but, at the same time, so perfectly with this outfit. Doubtless, I’ve made the right choice!!! 😉 ♬ two can have a party / Tammi Terrell


Friendship is all about closeness, mutual trust and sharing good times. However, life sometimes has a twisted way to challenge this bond and make it even stronger! My friend Athina is leaving for Dubai to work as a graphic designer for the “Time Out” magazine. I will definitely miss her, ‘cause she has always been my partner in crime! To make matters worse, my friends Ria & Kostas are going to London for a fresh start. So, the best way to celebrate the beginning of this new exciting era of their life was with a big goodbye party! “The Bank Job” seemed like the perfect place to give them a big hug, drink and wish them luck! Already miss you guys xxx C. P.S. Soon, very soon, I hope that I’ll be posting from Dubai and London! yeeeeeeessssssss ♬ chick habit / April March

Sunset in Black and White

Yesterday’s sunny weather called for a stroll along the beach in the late afternoon. The amazing sunset colored the scenery and, for that reason, a clean black and white look with edgy details made the difference; in fact, black and white will be the absolute summer trend. My outfit involved my newest Sandro baseball Tee and, to give it some extra boost, I paired it with my studded loafers and thunder pendant. After all, everything looks more colorful through a black and white light. ♬ my flaming thirst / Pepe Deluxe