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Prada flashback at the pink house

Last week when I saw the Prada menswear S/S 13 show I had a déjà vu! The cleanliness, the sandals and the socks brought me to mind the S/S 2008 collection and I thought it would be fun to make this “flashback post” and travel you back to one of my favorite Prada years! But the amazing thing is that as I was driving around with my friend Athina to find the right location for the shooting we came across to this unbelievable pink house and we couldn’t live it behind! Yes that was it, the perfect contrast for the Prada minimalism! So here it is… real, extravagant and extremely unexpected, just like life! Have a fabulous pink week! ♬ funhouse / Pink

Rottweiler on the roof

Lately I have an addiction in animal prints but this is one of my favorites. No need for introductions, Givenchy Rottweiler is the most famous dog! I think I’ m gonna call him Nero and strike some poses together on the roof… grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ♬ fire, water, burn / Bloodhound Gang

jaws trend!

I’ m sure you have seen the Jaws movie back in the ’80 and so has Riccardo Tisci! Forget the rottweilers, the Givenchy sharks are here and ready to attack!!! The trend has only started! Here is my shark inspiration look! Get your goggles and take a deep splash, but don’t go to far… ♬ queenswave / pepe deluxe shark print cotton sweatshirt: Givenchy pre collection 2012

sunglasses alert!

I’ m obsessed with sunglasses! They can change your style, your mood, your attitude, even your day!!! Life has many shapes, so take a chance and wear something different and see things in an another way, from another point of view… ♬ point of view /  DB Boulevard oakley VR/46 frogskins (special edition, Valentino Rossi signature) S/S 12

summer lovers

Yes it’s almost summer and this is my style ‘n’ tonic day one!!! That’s why I decided to give you a cool & breezy first post with some of my favorite summer things that I can’t do without! It’s obvious, I’m already traveling… are you? ♬ the drums / let’s go surfing My new Memo candle brings summer indoors!!! Those cufflinks match perfectly with my white shirt My Mono bracelets. Just one is not enough! Chose your mood and wear your color