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Go big or go home!

It is about time that my Paul & Joe sweatshirt, which was buried in my wardrobe for ages, made its big comeback! Yes, whether new or vintage, a dashing sweatshirt always confers a super dynamic approach on a cool old-school athletic look!

♬ ♪ roadgame / Kavinsky

American ApparelstylentonicPaul & Joeamerican apparel socksAmerican Apparel sweatpantsstylentonic


vintage sweatshirt by Paul & Joe / sweatpants and knee high socks by American Apparel / denim shirt by H&M / hi-top sneakers  Converse All Star / sunglasses Ray-Ban Wayfarer

Photos by Mr.D

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  1. Welcome back, stunning Paul & Joe sweatshirt ! It’s always a pleasure to see the they-remind-me-of-The-Strokes Converse “All*Star” sneakers ! You definitely score a huge goal on the fashion pitch ! XXX

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