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Rottweiler on the roof

Lately I have an addiction in animal prints but this is one of my favorites. No need for introductions, Givenchy Rottweiler is the most famous dog! I think I’ m gonna call him Nero and strike some poses together on the roof… grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

♬ fire, water, burn / Bloodhound Gang

T-shirt: Givenchy pre-fall 2012 / jean jacket: Rick Owens / distressed jeans: Ring

sandals: Pierre Hardy / aviators: Ray-Ban


  1. amalia says

    e tora, ti na sou po… very nice clothes… alla… kati leipei… poli vasiko… gia na einai teleia i photografisi.

  2. Anny says

    Μ’αρεσεις……οπως παντα.Κομψο παντελονι,ωραια παπουτσια

  3. Anny says

    Αληθεια,που εχεις χαθει εσυ?Δεν σε βλεπω πια τις Παρασκευες.Ολα καλα?

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