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Sales Shopping Lav

What could be more fun than spending the day shopping with friends? Actually, don’t answer that. We all know that shopping is super fun, especially during sales time, much cheaper than a therapist and way more exciting when you have to deal with selected vintage clothes by Lav Unused and Virginia’s Tzioti unique handmade jewellery, both of which you can find at Elevensouls Pop Up store, 3, Karitsi Square downtown Athens. So, yes! I think shopping is the answer, who cares what the question is…?

♬ doo wah diddy / Peach Kelli Pop


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  1. margotfonteyn says

    Ki ego ithela na ertho……. ti oraia poy perasate….. kai ti oraio poukamiso einai ayto!!!!! filakia!!!!!

  2. Η απόλαυση φαίνεται στο πρόσωπο σου τελικά. Η αγορά ρούχων φαίνεται να σε ανανεώνει…Keep shoping …

  3. Cat in my Bag says

    Totally agree re shopping! Great pics too, what did you end up getting? xo

      • Cat in my Bag says

        Sounds awesome!! Can’t wait to see those in an upcoming post! I just received an order today after waiting 3 weeks! So excited! 🙂 xo

  4. amalia says

    nice colouts and i looooove the shirt! and of csurse the trousers are AMAZING!!!!!

  5. omg! such a great shop! cool clothes. and sales are very good but we have to be careful if we really need that what we bought :]

  6. Τελικά ήσουν όντως εσύ!! Το Σάββατο περάσαμε και εμείς μια βόλτα από Lav Unused και κάπου σε πήρε το μάτι μου αλλά δεν ήμουν σίγουρη ότι είσαι εσύ….την επόμενη φορά θα έρθω να σου μιλήσω να γνωριστούμε κι από κοντά 🙂


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