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It takes two

The spring sun alerts an early summer mood and these tropical prints emerged as a flare to fire up this carefree boy-meets-girl day!

♬ ♪ you know you like it / AlunaGeorge


I’m wearing

total look by H&M / boots by Ann Demeulemeester

Dimitra from www.ourfancyworld.com is wearing

shorts, scarf & shades by H&M / tank top by Free People / Kimono by Abercrombie / handmade jewelry by Zoe Kompitsi / shoes by Zara

Photos by Tina

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  1. Jackie Harrison says

    Impressive post you both look amazing love the boho chic look on her and your lay back chill outfit always handsome.

  2. You both look so great! I love how your styles are so different but somehow they fit so well!

  3. I like your posts, but this one is mon préféré!

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