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Chasing the sun

Albeit early September, my summer mood refuses to fade away! And it won’t ’cause this I-want-to-stay-here-forever beach lounge on Ios island and my super bright yellow trousers remind me that there is always a way to keep the sunshine on!

♬ ♪ chase the sun / Planet Funk

Loyal trousersLoyal trousersstylentonic milopotaschase the sun_stylentonicstylentonic style diariesstylentonic lookDelight shirt


yellow trousers by Loyal (slamjamsocialism.com) / T-shirt by Zara / Shirt with printed surfers by Delight / sneakers Kenzo x Vans / leather belt by A.P.C. / shades Ray-Ban Clubmaster

Photos by Mr.D

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  1. Thanks to you, the blues of early September truly goes away, and this printed shirt is wow-wow-voom (it’s so groundbreaking that “va-va-voom” wasn’t enough !). ❤

  2. An endless summer full of sun, fun, and gorgeous island coast … next year … take me with you! lol
    Love the trousers and the vans.
    XOXO Natasha

  3. Every time you make of your post something extra, with jumping or have an new original pose, I love it 🙂 ! The trousers are the final colour to almost close Summer in all his beauty, awesome ! Xoxo

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