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Poolside excuse

Summer may not have officially arrived, but the high temperatures in Athens have called for some poolside relaxation the past few weeks. So, chilling out by the pool and reading the Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald is my latest favorite time of leisure… and the livin’ is easy! ♬ ♪ freedom / Anthony Hamilton & Elayna Boynton

Up in the Air

My already awaken sporty mood couldn’t be reinvented any better thanks to my new Nike “Air Max 90 Premium” sneakers. A super amazing, home-delivered if you must know, present from Nike Hellas was what I needed to upgrade my sportswear wardrobe! The Nike Air Max that we all loved in the early 90s are back with a newer and better touch, but without losing their iconic look! And for a totally uplifted outfit, my Les Plus Dorés “Team Ghesquière” Tee was the ultimate choice for an extra hip hint! ♬ up in the air / 30 Seconds to Mars 

Tequila sunrise

Wake up calls with fresh orange juice, lazy afternoons with breathtaking sunsets, dizzy nights with colorful cocktails! Lately orange is in my daily program and I absolutely like it, the only thing missing is a low budget orange outfit to complete the picture! So here it is… bold, shiny, full with summer vitamins and low in calories! Expensive or not doesn’t matter, it’s the attitude and the right details that make the difference! ♬ blister in the sun / Nouvelle vague