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Are you mine? Then, prove it!

Words are not enough, but an extravagant gesture or an outrageous Tee combined with hot red pants could be all it takes to show that you are the boss of me. And yes! I’m yours!
Happy Valentine’s everyone 😉

♬ Lovefool / The Cardigans




brown leather jacket Pepe Jeans London / Tattoo print T-shirt Reign / red chino pants Ben Sherman /  (All from Shop Ermou 112A) metallic leather bag Lanvin / belt A.P.C / sneakers Kenzo x Vans / Sunglasses Bottega Veneta

Photos by Mr.D

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  1. If hot red pants and an earth toned outrageous tee is all it takes to grab you heart, po po po tha se fane ta matia tous. Ftou ftou! Enjoy your day of kardoules, koukli.

  2. Ok.. this is the fifth time I try to write a comment here… I don´t know what´s wrong… :/
    So, I really like this look! The colourmix is great!
    I´m also crazy about this faboulous street art! Really good ❤
    xoxo from Munich

  3. Cat in my Bag says

    Totally amazing, Happy (belated) Valentine’s Day to you too! You really do find awesome backdrops for your photos! xo

  4. You always manage to catch our attention!
    Thanks for your comments on chic-aholics.blgospot.com
    We appreciate your opinion!

  5. Τα γκράφιτι όπου φωτογραφήθηκες είναι τέλεια!!
    Επίσης μου αρέσει πολύ και το look σου!!! :)))

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