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Home and dry

Staying home and dry is sometimes more fun and safe; still, playing with Yves Saint Laurent razors bears some risk, but it’s way more stylish.

♬ home & dry / Pet Shop Boys




razor blade-print cotton shirt by Yves Saint Laurent / double-pleated wool trousers by YMC / vintage denim jacket by Levis / vintage studded belt / socks by Richard James

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  1. elenimgl says

    stylish even at home! i am in love with your shirt! amazing! xx

  2. Sorry that I had to delete your comment from my “Morocco” post (I deleted the post as I found out that my source, British Vogue, had apparently the wrong information about the inspiration of the Jean Paul Gaultier show !). Anyway, you look fabulous !!!

  3. Home & Dry – funny title & so accurate too!
    Uber cool shirt (surprise openings!!!!) YSL is such a brilliant line – obviously translates well into menswear as well.
    xo reversecommuter

  4. Playing With Scarves says

    Ok for cutting the shirt but not the cat! LOL
    Anne Touraine (Playing with Scarves)

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