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Taste it!

Munchies may taste better when they are in a bowl at a party, but they can be extremely dainty and really low in calories when they are printed on a snazzy shirt! ♬ ♪ taste it / INXS

looking good guide / Monday

FORGET STYLE RULES like “no brown in town” and all that rubbish. Look in the mirror ; if it works then it’s good! ♬ chocolate distance / karuan special brownies style recipe… …is that weird, taking my dries van noten bag camping? tote leather bag: Dries Van Noten / …papa was a rolling stone. Where ever he laid his hat was his home hat: borsalino /

blue monday

Feeling blue? Don’t think so! Blue… like jazz? No,no,no,no! Blue… like summer? I don’t know, maybe! True… blue? Baby I love you! Shopping… blue? A-haaaa, that’s my boy!!! Blue, blue, blue just like you!!! I welcome this last week of May with an irresistible, blue summer list! Have a nice day! ♬ blue monday / new order square scarf: Paul Smith / sunglasses: asos /