Day: January 28, 2013


Friendship is all about closeness, mutual trust and sharing good times. However, life sometimes has a twisted way to challenge this bond and make it even stronger! My friend Athina is leaving for Dubai to work as a graphic designer for the “Time Out” magazine. I will definitely miss her, ‘cause she has always been my partner in crime! To make matters worse, my friends Ria & Kostas are going to London for a fresh start. So, the best way to celebrate the beginning of this new exciting era of their life was with a big goodbye party! “The Bank Job” seemed like the perfect place to give them a big hug, drink and wish them luck! Already miss you guys xxx C. P.S. Soon, very soon, I hope that I’ll be posting from Dubai and London! yeeeeeeessssssss ♬ chick habit / April March