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Sunset in Black and White

Yesterday’s sunny weather called for a stroll along the beach in the late afternoon. The amazing sunset colored the scenery and, for that reason, a clean black and white look with edgy details made the difference; in fact, black and white will be the absolute summer trend. My outfit involved my newest Sandro baseball Tee and, to give it some extra boost, I paired it with my studded loafers and thunder pendant. After all, everything looks more colorful through a black and white light.

♬ my flaming thirst / Pepe Deluxe



I was wearing

Sandro black & white baseball Tee / Hugo Boss slim fit black trousers / Antony Morato black coat / Giacomo Morelli studded loafers / Lito Karakostanoglou silver thunder pendant / Ray-Ban Wayfarer

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  1. I really like your outfit
    I must say that you have a good taste in fashion …
    Good start of the week
    Stile Free Fashion

  2. What a great combination! For me this classic combination is simply perfect and very elegant 🙂

    I really liked your blog, full of style and great pictures. I’m now following in the bloglovin. Kisses from Portugal*

  3. goodtasteoflife says

    wow k apo emas…polla wow gia to outfit!!! Followed u sto fb apo ton proswpiko mou logariasmo k sto google+ (la vie superbe)… polla stylish filia

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