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House rules

Have fun
Laugh out loud
Jump on the bed
Stay up late
Talk too much on the phone
Feed the cat
Eat dessert first
Give hugs
Wear your cozy Homesies

♬♪ happy home / Wild Belle

stylentonichomesiesstylentonicwrangler Teehomesiesmoschino_frieshomesies


loungewear by Homesies (homesies.gr) / Tee by Wrangler (Central Disposal VF Hellas, tel. 210 3449300) / vintage hand-knit Nepalese socks /  french fries iPhone case by Moschino (moschino.com)

Photos by Mr.D

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  1. You are a GENIUS!!!!! I love those photos!!!!
    Happy Weekend
    PS: Hi handsome, I ask from you a big favor, tomorrow your precious support for my post will be very important. Please write only those words: #PrayForVenezuela #Respect. THANK YOU SO MUCH
    The Indian Savage Diary

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