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fruity breakfast

Can’t say no to a delicious fruity breakfast especially when the side dishes are full of stylish treats and yummy goodies low in calories but high in flavor! Can you?

♬ make you happy / Mika

 breakfast menu…

Kellogg’s froot loops / Balenciaga pouch / Bobbi Brown Beach perfume / Marc by Marc Jacobs keychain   / Zara yellow sunglasses / Moleskine pink pocket notebooks / Acropolis museum fluo pencils  /  Vintage gold cufflinks with monogram / S.T. Dupont gold lighter / Michael Kors leather iPhone case / Apple iPod mini / Prada leather wallet with studs / TR2 sous-plat / Starbucks tea cups

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  1. loved your balenciaga in these photos!!

    and yes, impossible to not resist! breakfast for me is the best meal 😀

    much love,


  2. barolucas says

    i love your blogggggggggggggg!!! it’s awesome!


    Baro Lucas.

  3. Angelique says

    why am i instantly drawn to the fruit loops? sugar junkee! Love the Michael Kors phone pouch … the colours just remind me of summer, while your rain on the window’ look background brings me back to reality. i hate winter 😥

  4. Οχι βεβαια…ποιος μπορει να αντισταθει.Αγαπημενα μου χρωματα ολα.

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