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Happy together

The best way to spend a Sunday afternoon is along with friends. Chatting, laughing & posing with my BFF Kalli & Dimitra made my “style‘n’tonic” day fancier than ever and all the eyes were turned on us! Check out their stylish world in ourfancyworld.com

♬ alright / Supergrass

we were wearing

ME: Kenzo tiger sweater / Acne sleek leather boots / H&M jeans / American Apparel T-shirt / Balenciaga pouch / Oakley VR/46 frogskins sunglasses

DIMITRA: Iro printed silk dress / Minnetonka suede boots / Mulberry bag / Mulberry fox charm necklace / Ray-Ban sunglasses /  Marc by Marc Jacobs & Mulberry bracelets

KALLI: Iro printed silk skirt / Isabel Marant etoile T-shirt / Klaidra fringe necklace / Isabel Marant boots / Alexander Wang bag / Urban outfiters & forever 21 bracelets / Ray-Ban aviators

…life is better with friends (and so is blogging!)
P.S. catch up with stylentonic on facebook / twitter / instagram / bloglovin


  1. A lot of fashion fun…what to ask more?!?!? So the Kenzo’s sweater finally arrived…you are a lucky guy! If you found another one around in the net, just let me know! Have a great start! 😀

  2. Patricia says

    Great blog and nice style!!
    Love your kenzo sweater!!!


  3. ennoeitai kai ta gnwrizoume ta koritsia!
    ena toso stylish didumo kai tha mas ksefeuge?no!
    Eiste kai oi treis uperoxoi!
    super stylish!
    have fun!

  4. Πολυ ομορφες οι φιλες σου….και εσυ βεβαια,αλλα αυτο ειναι ηδη γνωστο.

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