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The wheel of style

There is always a way to fancy up your everyday style and create a unique look. All you need is a mix & match mood, few smart details and a “stylish mistake” to upgrade your outfit. There isn’t a right or wrong in style, just better or worse. Take a risk and be confident! It’s all about touching the line but not crossing it!

♬ do it good / Crazy Penis

bib-Front tuxedo shirt: Yves Saint Laurent / camouflage chinos: Zara / black crocodile belt: A.P.C. embroidered Velvet Slippers: H&M / aviators: Ray-Ban

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  1. elenimgl says

    love your cargo pants in combination with those amazing shoes! nice photos 🙂 xx


  2. amalia says

    APO POU NA XEKINISO…. to location… PERFECT!!! ta rouxa… PERFECT!!!!! you… PERFECT!!!!!

  3. Great location and pics for a male outfit! Like it! I’m curious to see what it is going on here! You have just gained a new follower!

  4. έχεις δίκιο!
    Η γραμμή που πατάς αλλά δεν ξεπερνάς κάνει τη διαφορά!
    Τέλειο το Outfit και λάτρεψα τα slippers σου, όπως και το πουκάμισο!
    τέλεια η τοποθεσία!

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