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Cool day off

Colored sweatpants, loose T-shirt, trainers, cold takeaway espresso and ready for a sunny day off by the yacht marina. Keep it cool guys xxx. C.

♬ like the sun  / Mika

I was wearing:

T-shirt: American Vintage / sweatpants: Aviator Nation / trainers: Nike Air Max / aviators: Ray-Ban

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  1. elenimgl says

    lovely sweatpants! love how you’ve combined them with the purple detail on the shoes;)

  2. I’m an hip hop dancer…so I really love the cool training outfit and those pants are amazing! I want a pair for me! The largest they are the best the look like…especially with a tiny top

  3. Βλεπω τις φωτο τωρα που βρεχει εξω και με μεταφερουν στο καλοκαιρακι!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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