Month: September 2012

The white briefs

Are you ready for some indoor grace? The Swedish brand “The white briefs” is my new obsession! The brand offers exquisitely constructed and eco friendly loungewear and underwear, using the finest organic materials whilst observing versatile usability. Fashion branding guru Nickelson Wooster has co-designed with the brand a camo-print line that is definitely my favorite!!! Yes tonight I’m staying in… ♬ baby come home / Scissor sisters


I think a black wish list is a nice break from my colorful summer mood that doesn’t want to end! Yes a walk on the dark side it’s always exciting… ♬ back to black / Amy Winehouse white moon print sweater Pierre Balmain / 

Cadillacs in paradise

As long as we have weekends… summer never ends! So, I keep getting away! This time… to a “secret” paradise. Where a donkey, surfers, design and Cadillacs can live peacefully together. And just like that my cadillac shirt drove me to a real beauty. A beach with special designed umbrellas, big rocks and teasing waves… Where Roxanne is a donkey and she can steal your apples under the sun. When nature meets style, when fashion meets the right location I’m there to fill in the gap… lol! ♬ birds of paradise / Chromatics