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Santorini rules

Splashing around in crystal waters, hanging out under the bright sun, savoring Greek gastronomy; all constitute the absolute summer heaven. There is no place like Santorini, or is there? Stay tuned and you’ll find out for yourselves.

♬ ♪ instant crush / Daft Punk feat. Julian Casablancas

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  1. I love this post, especially bc I’m heading to Santorini for vacation too! In August! Can’t wait!

    Ps you look great!

  2. This is what Heaven must look like, and I really hope that Heaven’s soundtrack features Julian Casablancas (that’s funny, I’ve just mentioned my 3 fave bands ever in my reply to your comment on my blog, and The Strokes are one of them, alongside Suede !!!).

  3. the most beautiful location in the world.. there is no place like Santorini indeed! xxx

  4. In wise words of Hillary Duff “That’s what dreams are made of”. I love Santorini (and it’s unique black sandy beaches). Totally fab, and we’re totally jelly. Enjoy it! 💋

    XOXO Nensi & Natasha

  5. These pictures are incredible! It looks like such an amazing and beautiful place. Hope you loved it 🙂

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