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Indian vibes

I have remained committed in the last few days to this Indian ikat print shirt that I bought on sales from mrporter.com. Teamed with my pastel Zara jeans and my all time classic Lanvin sandals makes a carefree summer look with a globetrotting feel!

♬ indian vibes / Mathar

cotton ikat print shirt: Woolrich / jeans: Zara / sandals: Lanvin / sunglasses: Persol

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything.
What we think we become” Siddharta


  1. Nice outfit and happy mood! I think i recognise the location…. This ecological park in a very green mountain!!! super

  2. amo says

    very nice trousers
    I really love your sandals, so nice

    you got a new blogloving friend here you are my blog address, do you want to follow me


  3. margotfonteyn says

    i have been sto xwrio tis Pocahonta also!!!
    very nice place….

    I like your Indian ikat print shirt dear!

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