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TOMS / One day without shoes

One step together. One global movement to raise awareness for children’s health and education. Let’s leave our footprint…

TOMS / One day without shoes  / April 16, 2013, Athens / live performance by Imam Baildi

♬ footloose / Kenny Loggins

one day without shoes TOMS ATHENS
ONE_DAY_LOGOTOMS one day without shoesone day without shoes T-shirtone day without shoes Athensone day without shoes imam baildione day without shoes ATHENSTOMS_imam baildione day without shoes stylentonicone day without shoes ATHENS

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  1. Πολυ αστείο, μου θυμίζει την Ταιλάνδη που αφήνεις τα παπουτσια εξω απο οποιοδηποτε χώρο!

  2. save for a day at the beach, i can’t imagine spending it without shoes. what a great way to raise awareness!

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