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looking good guide / Monday

FORGET STYLE RULES like “no brown in town” and all that rubbish. Look in the mirror ; if it works then it’s good!

♬ chocolate distance / karuan

special brownies style recipe…

…is that weird, taking my dries van noten bag camping?

tote leather bag: Dries Van Noten /

…papa was a rolling stone. Where ever he laid his hat was his home

hat: borsalino /

sunglasses after dark, they’re so sharp and you ‘ll be cool and the squares will drool…

square frame acetate sunglasses: Linda Farrow Luxe /

goody two, goody too, goody goody two shoes

sir coxsone contrast sole suede shoes: Mr. Hare /

if loving you was ice cream, I could be the ice cream man!

coffee caramel buzz ice cream: Ben & Jerry’s

scarf it up!

printed lightweight viscose scarf: Huftgold Berlin /

…the boys just call me camouflage

camouflage print cotton shorts: YMC /

…to be alive is to undo your belt and look for trouble

leather & elastic versatile belt: Acne /

extra tip: sometimes it’s not what you wear, it’s how you wear it!

 tip source : the chic geek’s fashion, grooming and style guide


  1. amalia says

    i want the sunglasses! and the bag!!!! i love this bag!!!!

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