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looking good guide / the shoes

SHOES ARE THE FULL STOP TO ANY OUTFIT: people look at you, then scan down and make an assessment of your taste levels by looking at your feet. Don’t let them down! You can get away with a lot if you’ve got good shoes ♬ the walk / Thieves like us  shoes shoes shoes… …for a folklore summer look ikat slip on shoes with micro soles  T & F Slack  /

looking good guide / Monday

FORGET STYLE RULES like “no brown in town” and all that rubbish. Look in the mirror ; if it works then it’s good! ♬ chocolate distance / karuan special brownies style recipe… …is that weird, taking my dries van noten bag camping? tote leather bag: Dries Van Noten / …papa was a rolling stone. Where ever he laid his hat was his home hat: borsalino /

color my day!

I don’t usually like Mondays but today is my name day, so I decided to make a small wish list to color my day… and yours of course! If anyone’s interested, I have all the details above. I wish you all a colorful week ahead! ♬ That’s no my name / the TIng Tins a multicolor scarf, it’s still windy at nights! silk multicolor scarf: Jaquarshoes Collective / a bird print shirt, my cats will love it ( I have 3)!!!! bird print shirt: Marc by Marc Jacobs /