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instagram overdose

Yes it’s an addiction, I’m an instagram junkie! Here are some of my favorite insta…moments! Are you ready for an OD?

♬ tonight we are young / Fun

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Hi! I'm Constantinos Tzachas, founder of I reside in Athens and work as an art director for the Greek edition of ELLE magazine. I'm obsessed with fashion, pop culture & sparkling drinks. Welcome to my blog! Fill your glasses with some style 'n' tonic and enjoy the ride...


  1. Monadikes foto!!! My personal favorites: i prwti pou dagkwneis to poukamiso, oi purgoi tou Eiffel kai ta purotexnimats…

  2. Anny says

    Οι φωτογραφιες σου συνεχιζουν να ειναι εντυπωσιακες.Η Αθηνα εχει γραψει και παλι!Αυτες οι χνουδωτες μπαλιτσες ειναι
    οι γατες σου?!!!!!!!!!!!! Και ναι επιτελους η στραβη ειδα τις απαντησεις σου.

    • Nai oi gates mou einai!!!! den einai gorgeous!! exw kai ena agori, tha to vgalw se epomeno post
      thanx girl

  3. margotfonteyn says

    An einai na psifisoume ego leo to noumero 7!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Anny says

    Εγω ειμαι και γω.Super,super φωτογραφιες!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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