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color my day!

I don’t usually like Mondays but today is my name day, so I decided to make a small wish list to color my day… and yours of course! If anyone’s interested, I have all the details above. I wish you all a colorful week ahead!

♬ That’s no my name / the TIng Tins

a multicolor scarf, it’s still windy at nights!

silk multicolor scarf: Jaquarshoes Collective /

a bird print shirt, my cats will love it ( I have 3)!!!!

bird print shirt: Marc by Marc Jacobs /

yellow sunglasses, to pair them with the sunset

yellow printed sunglasses: Retro Super Future /

party without music! no way!!!!

CD: Chromatics-Kill for love /

exotic swimming trunks, cause I’ m not going to Hawaii!

tropical swimming  trunks: Paul Smith swim /

a small wallet, cause I’m broke

money clip wallet: Want Les Essentiels De La Vie /

sky blue shoes, to walk on clouds

lace up shoes: Mr Hare /

a color striped t-shirt, I don’t have one!!!

multicolored t-shirt: a.p.c /

and don’t forget the greeting card!!!

postcards: Inkworks /

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Hi! I'm Constantinos Tzachas, founder of I reside in Athens and work as an art director for the Greek edition of ELLE magazine. I'm obsessed with fashion, pop culture & sparkling drinks. Welcome to my blog! Fill your glasses with some style 'n' tonic and enjoy the ride...


  1. Athina says

    Dear Mr Style’n’tonic, i wish you Happy Colorful Name Day.
    By the way i like this sing a lot.

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