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rock the gym!

I’ m into kick boxing (and studs) lately! Keeps me fit and takes all my tense away, you should try it! So I decided to make this comfy ” rock the gym” look for an extra credit but I don’t think my teacher will appreciate it!!! I hope you will…

♬ Kick ass / Mika Vs RedOne

Studded jean vest: The ragged priest /  T-shirt: Pierre Balmain

Sweatpants: H&M  / Shoes: Gienchi / Boxing gloves: Everlast

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Hi! I'm Constantinos Tzachas, founder of stylentonic.com. I reside in Athens and work as an art director for the Greek edition of ELLE magazine. I'm obsessed with fashion, pop culture & sparkling drinks. Welcome to my blog! Fill your glasses with some style 'n' tonic and enjoy the ride...


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