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Pilot youth

“We can fly come on let’s try. We’re boys and girls who rule the world. We can fly or kiss the sky”… (and please don’t forget your bomber jacket and your aviator glasses, details always make the difference!) ♬ we can fly / Aeroplane

You are free…

Matching everything in an outfit it’s not always my thing! I really enjoy to put different pieces in a blender and mix them all together. Formal coats with sweatpants and sneakers(like today),distressed jeans with bow ties or even suits with hoodies. The result most of the time is interesting and innovating or at least fun!! Fashion is like a game, feel free to break the rules. Its been said that rules are made to be broken, but of course, first learn the rules, so you can break them wisely and stylish! ♬ free / Natalia Kills ft.