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This past weekend, I got the chance to visit the “No Respect” street art exhibition at the basement of Onassis Cultural Center. Forty artists were invited to create graffiti in situ covering the walls, columns, floor and even cars that were placed in the exhibition space. An in-house pop culture project which sets out to document the Greek graffiti scene as this manifests itself on the streets of Greece. The experience was really sparkling and refreshing just like an icy bottle of Coke on a hot summer afternoon! Really, it’s hard to contain my excitement, I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves…

♬ ♪ artpop / Lady Gaga

stylentonic_cocacola_Teestreet art OCC

stylentonic graffitistreet art OCCgraffiti exhibition Athensstreet art OCCSaint Laurentstreet art OCCcoca cola lovesaint laurent shoesstreet art OCCgraffiti occ exhibition graffiti cargraffiti OCC exhibitionkiss stylentonic


Coca Cola Tee by Urban Outfitters / black ripped jeans and belt by Zara / leather studded loafers by Saint Laurent

Photos by Mr D.

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  1. Very cool with all the graffiti! Great outfit – like a modern take on ‘GREASE’ 🙂
    X Sofie

  2. Love the look, photos are very well taken. I love those ripped black jeans, was such a mistake for not buying them in the first place but i got the white ones now hahah, and those loafers are definitely stunning. ur blog’s very amazing and thank u for visiting my blog xx

    Lenny xx

  3. Thank you for introducing me to this vibrantly exciting Greek graffiti scene ! You look beyond-cool in your pop art-inspired look ! Stay bubbly and sexy ! XXX

  4. suzannecarillo says

    What an amazingly wild space and photos. Brilliant colours and images.


  5. hadrien says

    Awesome outfit and very great pics
    Great Work

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