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You are free…

Matching everything in an outfit it’s not always my thing! I really enjoy to put different pieces in a blender and mix them all together. Formal coats with sweatpants and sneakers(like today),distressed jeans with bow ties or even suits with hoodies. The result most of the time is interesting and innovating or at least fun!! Fashion is like a game, feel free to break the rules. Its been said that rules are made to be broken, but of course, first learn the rules, so you can break them wisely and stylish!

♬ free / Natalia Kills ft. will.i.am







I am wearing

wool plaid coat Hackett London / Skull T-shirt Reing / distressed sweatpants Pepe Jeans London /  (All from Shop Ermou 112A)

leopard studded sneakers Gienchi / aviators Ray-Ban

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  1. I really enjoyed the way you’ve combined casual and sporty!
    Thank you for your comments on chic-aholics.blogspot.com
    Stay tuned 🙂

  2. I´m so in love with this cool shirt!! 😛 Your coat looks really great!
    Thank you so much for your lovely compliment ❤

  3. love the idea of learning the rules before breaking it….it’s the only way to find our unique style! great energy, as usual my friend…xxx

  4. Η μόδα είναι ένα ατέρμονο παιχνίδι και εσύ φαίνεται να το ξέρεις πολύ καλά! Unexpected και stylish once more!
    Love it!

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