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Fruit punch

A blend of  bright colors, a few drops of fruity essences and a pinch of playful sparkle… that’s my way of waking up!  Yes, everyone needs a small zing to get through a hard day at work.

♬ ♪ froot / Marina & The Diamonds


Mr. Tea infuser (JUKEROS Delicacies)
Banana hand milk by TONY MOLY (Sephora)
Body wash miniatures by MOLTON BROWN London (Molton Brown)
#YOLO marmalade with plum and rose water by JUKEROS (JUKEROS Delicacies)
Caipirinha green tea with melon, lemon and lime by TASTE3 TEA (TASTE3TEA)
“Secret agents I met and liked” notebook by Archie Grand (Amazon)
Tropical badges by ZARA (Zara)
Love edition Toothbrushes  by CURAPROX (CURAPROX)
Marmalade miniatures by JUKEROS (JUKEROS Delicacies)


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