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Oh, lucky me… “One day in Santorini”, the Intimissimi capsule collection, was the reason to accept an invitation for a majestic long weekend on the island. The famous lingerie brand in collaboration with HotelBrain made this weekend u-n-f-o-r-g-e-t-t-a-b-l-e for a selection of international bloggers and digital influencers. Luxury suites, breathtaking landscapes, delicious food, wine tasting, fun workshops and of course lingerie were the magic ingredients for this exclusive event! If you missed the last of my instagram and snapchat bombings, this photo diary will definitely get you in the mood… yes, heaven is a place on earth where angels wear Intimissimi!

♬ ♪ falling in love with a memory / Monarchy 


Thank you Gold Suites for the warm hospitality 

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  1. Όλες οι αποχρώσεις του μπλε κι εσύ ένας θεός! Υπέροχες φωτογραφίες αγαπημένε μου

  2. Melissa says

    Hey Constantinos,

    OK you know I had to post on this one!
    I saw the instagram photos yesterday while it was snowing here. It was extremely crazy, even for Dutch weather.
    I love these photos, most of your colors match the colors of Santorini, but for sure you do not fade into the scenery. I love, love every outfit in this post. Those blue sneakers, dude they are crazy, what a perfect color for this island!
    Of course, just my opinion, the evening outfit with the black shirt and loafers is quite dreamy…..

    I discovered the Intimissi brand this year, they opened a shop in the new mall near me. Girl part of the post…. I love the bras without under wire, finally a company that makes a good quality, reasonable priced sexy lace bralette. Most times anything sexy is all filled with padding wires all kinds of horrid contraptions to torture…
    Anyway just saying it is a post about their products also and the ladies may want to know:)

    2 more freaking weeks and I will be in Santorini!!!!!!!!! I cannot wait and this post has gotten me in the mood for fashion and vacation. Thanks for the beautiful photos and post!

    (by the way is it me or are your posts best whenever you are at some kind of island or beach? You just seem so, I don’t know, but whatever it is, it comes through in the photos.)


    • Thank you Melissa for your wonderful words!!! It’s not only you, I’m THE summer boy and the beach is my home haha 😉 so stay tuned… more posts coming soon!
      Your are going to love the Santorini I’m sure!!! Text to my e-mail if you need any tips for the island! Big kiss C.

  3. omg gorgeous!!! Love all your photos. Santorini is so beautiful…it’s my dream to travel there on a romantic holiday someday 🙂

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