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Meet me Downtown

Sunday 2 pm heading toward downtown Athens for brunch after an exciting “Saturday night fever” at Cinderella Discotheque! Yes, I was super late and I had a hangover, but a plate of eggs Benedict and yummy pancakes was a hell of a good reason to get out of bed, jump into my ripped jeans and my is-it-summer-already? Hawaiian shirt and hit the road.

♬ ♪ old habits die hard / Allie X



jacket, hawaiian shirt and ripped jeans, all by H&M / loafers by Lanvin / leather pouch my AMI Paris / fur charm from local store / shades by Polaroid

Photos by George Angelis / shotbygio.com

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  1. Melissa says

    Love the shoes, I have a Russel & Bromley pair I bought in London, and I absolutely love them, I especially like wearing with more worn jeans, gives an otherwise casual look a bit more polish.

    I like when you put what are some traditionally thought of as feminine pieces with more masculine pieces I really like the contrast.
    You know just the right amount of both to put together and is decidedly very handsome on you. I am noticing you are quite the expert at this sort of contrasting style.

    As for Kajsa’s comment, my answer would be see you there! I sure do miss lazy Sunday brunches…..

  2. Love it, all together it looks completely AMAZING and like something I could never pull off 😉


  3. carlynicole186 says

    Love it!! All together it looks completely AMAZING and like something I could never pull off. 😉


  4. I love the furry charm on the murse.

    That shirt is pretty sweet too. My husband has acquired a new love of vintage Hawaiian shirts.


  5. Street style chic done right! Loving your printed top and denim!
    I bet the delicious food made you forget your hangover!

    xo, jackie

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