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Meet me Downtown

Sunday 2 pm heading toward downtown Athens for brunch after an exciting “Saturday night fever” at Cinderella Discotheque! Yes, I was super late and I had a hangover, but a plate of eggs Benedict and yummy pancakes was a hell of a good reason to get out of bed, jump into my ripped jeans and my is-it-summer-already? Hawaiian shirt and hit the road. ♬ ♪ old habits die hard / Allie X

H&M Summer Icon / Later post

In an endless summer mood and a tropical state of mind that I can’t hide even if I try, I was truly excited to be selected as one of the Summer Icons at the first H&M summer party that took place at the flagship store in Athens! Gisele on the wall, uplifting tunes on the decks, many many beers and a joyful crowd set up the perfect mix to celebrate the most carefree season of the year in absolute style! We just love summer… don’t we? ♬ ♪ tropical sun/ Flume