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Just my luck!

Last week was definitely inspired by the movie “Just my luck” with Lindsay Lohan. I was knocked down by the flu and I had a fever up to 39.5°C for almost 5 days! I took my mini cooper in for service for the second time in 10 days. And my psycho neighbor attacked me (again), because I had the nerve to walk around my apartment and disturb him! Should I say more? Luckily, the sky is bright blue again and even though life can be super messy sometimes, the best view comes after the hardest climb!

♬ ♪ take me somewhere nice / Mogwai



mohair sweater and pink shirt by H&M / vintage black wool trousers / loafers by Lanvin

Photos by Xenia

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  1. Fabulous sweater, pants and shoes. I cannot figure out the tie — I’m flashing back to my grade school uniform….so, I’ll just take the other pieces. XO

  2. What a stupid neighbor, rains on him!
    I am happy you are healthy again, keep yourself warm! And good luck with Mini, I hope they will fix its issues and you’ll be ridin’ again 😉


  3. Happy to hear you are on the mend! Your neighbour sounds like a nut job!lol
    Love that sweater and top! Looking dapper chic as usual!!

    xo, jackie

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