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Color: black / jacket: varsity / trousers: loose / bag: backpack / shoes: Air Max / accessory: fingerless gloves / mood: sassy
…when the law of the street teaches you how to conquer the city in style!

♬ ♪ bang bang / Jessie J, Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj

zara backpack

HM varsity jacketstylentonicAir Max Luna1stylentonicfingerless glovesstreet rulesstreet rules Athens


varsity jacket by H&M / Tee by Sandro / trousers by Cheap Monday / backpack, fingerless gloves and belt by Zara / sneakers Nike Air Max Lunar1 / sunglasses by Bob Sdrunk

Photos by Mr D.

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  1. Jackie Harrison says

    I love that song some day we will dance together to it you look so handsome love the sporty look. Have a wonderful weekend.

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