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Aloha Spirit

Interact rightfully in the natural world. “Aloha” means harmony, helpfulness, humility and unity. More than a greeting, it’s a way of life…

♬ ♪ hawaiian air / Friendly Fires

stylentonic alohaHM Aloha

aloha stylentonicHM tank topsun of a beach

have you told someone ALOHA today?

alohapaul & Joestylentonic


Aloha tank top by H&M / vintage embroidered shorts by Paul & Joe / sneakers Kenzo x Vans / hawaiian tropic towel by Sun of a Beach (get it here)

Photos by Mr D.

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  1. Aloha from Hawaii. Too funny how you have that shirt all the way in Greece. But makes sense, my Dad, Sister and Niece are all on a tour of Greece this week! (My Dad lives in HI, Sister and Niece are from Chicago) They are in Crete today. Nice Shirt! 🙂

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