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Barefoot at the station

Maybe the weather isn’t warm enough for sandals yet, but I couldn’t let my brand-new adidas slides stashed away in the box waiting for the sun to come out! My Mediterranean temperament took over and my eagerness for early summer ordered that I wear them without socks, despite what the latest trends dictate! So… tah-dah! Here I go, almost barefoot, but certainly dashing for my next stop…

♬ ♪ cool / Le Youth


barefoot at the stationstylentonic adidasadidasstylentonicbalenciagabarefoot


leather biker jacket and ripped jeans (get them here) by Zara / Tee by Sandro / leather pouch by Balenciaga / aviators by Dolce & Gabbana /  handmade eye bracelet by Zoe Kompitsi / vintage gold pendant /  adilette slides by adidas (get them here)

Photos by Mr.D

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  1. Those shoes always remind me of summer! I love them with ripped jeans.

  2. I love everything: the jacket, the jeans, the tee, the bag (but not the sandals – sorry)

  3. Maybe the weather isn’t warm enough but this nonchalantly cool Mediterranean look screams “Summer perfection” ! XXX

  4. Love the ripped jeans, leather jacket and your fab aviators — all scream summer perfection! With the scorching days of summer just around the corner, we’re sure your fantastic adidas will get tons of wear 😉 👍👍

    XOXO N & N

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  7. Great look! I love this light jacket in particularly. Sorry I have not been around for a while as it was difficult to get internet in India. Great to be back! Sara

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