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Lost in the maze of fashion? Me, never! My morning at Tatoi, the 10.000-acre summer estate of the former Greek royal family, however, was really mazy but wonderful at the same time! So, following the lines of my new geometrical printed trousers seemed like the easiest thing to do and a way to add a Grecian hint that was missing from the scenery.

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stylentonicstylentonicstylentonicHYPEstylentoniczoe kompitsiTatoizoe kompitsi necklacestylentonichandmade necklacesstylentonicZaraTatoi


geometric print trouser by Zara (get them here) / sweatshirt by H&M / mirror sunglasses by HYPE (JPoptics) /  handmade necklaces by Zoe Kompitsi and Virginia Tzioti / sneakers by Common Projects

Photos by Mr.D

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  1. Athens says

    Vasiliki fotografisi!!!!
    esena prepei na se plironei kai o EOT plaka plaka!
    polu oraia olaaaa!

  2. estefania says

    el estampado de los pantalones es una autentica preciosidad, me encanta!

    un beso enorme

  3. In the huge labyrinth of fashion trends, you always find a wonderful way of beautifully sporting the most covetable pieces ! XXX

  4. suzannecarillo says

    I think I’ve just been hypnotized by your pants! LOL

    What a fabulous place for a photo shoot. You have the best locations.


  5. Yes, always ‘a-mazed’ and ‘a-mused’ by your fabulous fashion sense, hot stuff! Love the geometric print pants — we’re twinning this week 😉

    XOXO N & N

  6. παντα θα αναρωτιεμαι που βρισκεις αυτα τα υπεροχα μερη και φωτογραφιζεσαι!
    αγαπω το παντελονι σου!σου παει παρα πολυ!
    απλα υπεροχος!

  7. You just think of every detail, don’t you?… Such a beautiful outfit.. That necklace sort of matching the print of the trousers is such a thoughtful choice! Love everything. x

  8. I love the print of your pants!!Meandros isn’t it?Fortunately,this kind of pants are my style!!So adorable!!Your accessories are unique too!!Perfect outfit once again!!Many kisses!!

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